Our Cottage

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We bought this little cottage in May of 2011. 
The cottage was built in the 1950's and at risk of offending the previous owner,  it had certainly seen better days. 
I was told that it much of this little house is an addition, which means that it would have originally been a one room cottage, probably a vacation space.
Thankfully the addition brings it up to a cozy 1100 square feet!
The landscaping continues to be an on ongoing process, but here are some before and afters of where we are today and where we came from.

The shutters, inspired by last year's trip to New Orleans, cover up a large plate glass window that used to be a door. Removing it all together was an option, but I prefer the filtered light and the added color.

The seventies deck will be seeing some updating in the next phase.
Now wasn't she a beauty?? Poor thing! We just replaced the old shingles with new cedar in Seacoast Gray and I love the weathered finish! (and the fact that I no longer have to worry about painting)
The carpenter tried to talk me out of the floor to ceiling bead board calling it a bad idea, but I love it.


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  1. ohhh gorgeous - I'd adore having a little relaxing cottage like yours! xo


  2. Love your little house! We are doing a similar "remodel" and are in the midst of a mess. I'll keep reading your blog for inspiration.

  3. you have a perfect little house, it's beautiful!

  4. Gorgeous cottage - love your signs and the great front door color!

  5. where sis you get the bunk beds? exactly what i've been looking for...


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