Sunday, March 10, 2013

Easy and Affordable Butcher Block Counter Update

Pin It I haven't had a lot of time for projects lately but I'm starting to get spring fever and the itch to do a project, no matter how small, overcame me last week.

When we first renovated our kitchen we had so many projects going on that budget was a huge factor. I originally wanted soapstone but it wasn't in the budget. Then I discovered honed marble, less expensive, but not practical for a family who entertains as much as we do (read- red wine).

I looked at all of the granite options but I didn't love any of the color selection enough to marry and price tag meant that it would have to outlive me. That level of permanence around home design gives me hives.
The original counters in our house I believe, were stainless steel. I loved this option and the versatility of stainless, but doing the whole of a north facing kitchen in it, I knew, would make for a very cold room.

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Farmhouse Finished!

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I have been meaning to share these "after" photos for a while. We won't be living here until the summer so I haven't been able to add any personal touches, but the furniture is in, curtains are hung, and the house is ready for a family to spend a cozy winter!

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Decor

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We're traveling for Christmas this year so I'm keeping it simple, knowing full well that I'm not going to want to return home just to have to box up the house and toss the dead greens.

I'm using what I have around the house and adding just a few things for fun and sparkle.
I wish I could say we had a live tree and wreath this year, but the truth is they usually wind up dead before New Years' with the only healthy plants left being poinsettias. I can't throw away a live plant so they grace our home until Easter when I beg my husband to do the dirty work and toss them.

Which brings me to our pumpkins. It has been unseasonably warm so carving them would have turned them immediately into soup, thus the decision was made to leave them intact. My plan worked out so well that here they are still here, firm and healthy, mocking me, 16 days before Christmas.

Here are a few other Christmas photos. 

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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Decorating with your husband

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Actual conversation that just took place...

Me, "How precarious do you think it is to hang this curtain rod on that window over the stairwell?

Him, "I wouldn't do it with your injured leg." (side note- I fell down the stairs last week and am recovering)

Me, "Fine, then you will do it. Just put one foot in that open window, the other on the newel post and wedge in. You'll be fine." (and I wonder how I fell down the stairs?)

Him, "Ok."

Me, "You know what? Let's hold up the drapes on the rod first and see if full length panels are going to look ridiculous here before we go through all the effort of breaking a leg."

He holds drapes up against window while standing on a chest of drawers.

Me, "I'm glad we checked. That looks terrible. I'll return this set of panels and just patch the old holes, touch up the paint and call it a day."

I exit the hallway to put the drapes back in their packaging. Upon returning to the stairwell I find my husband standing in the window midway up a second story wall.

Me, "what the heck are you doing?"

Him, "I'm hanging the curtain rod."

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bunnies for Christmas?

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Growing up I was the "artsy" one and my sister was the "smart" one. I think it's about time that this myth gets debunked.

First off, I too am clever. I may have not been as studious as she was, preferring to invest my time in  a social life versus Social Studies, but I'm no slouch.

Second, it takes some genuine creativity to whip up one of these babies up in your free time between raising four kids and managing a career as an RN.

I also succumbed to the pressure of buying my kids small pets, but my sweet sis takes pet care to a whole different level. I don't know many lop ears that get to live in such fine accommodations. Fine work sister!

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Christmas is Coming!

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I've never been a fan of artificial trees. I'm guessing it's a residual feeling that comes from growing up in a family who left the tree up through January. It's much more fun to put up than take down!
If it wasn't such a great deal I might have walked by, but I walked into Home Depot right in the middle of the Martha Stewart tree event and the great door buster price, combined with three out of five of us having horrible hay fever, I decided to stop and take a look.

Fake trees have come a long way in the past few seasons and Martha Stewart is a GENIUS.
This artificial tree is pre-lit with bulbs that switch from white to colored at the touch of a button. Who knew this even existed?

So here's my tree. I used string after string of capiz shell garlands, giant capiz shells, starfish clusters and aqua glittered starfish, then I wrapped the whole thing with rolls of soft wide burlap ribbon. The wash tub that we normally use for the kids shoes made a great tree stand!

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Farmhouse Renovation

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So much potential!!
 Somehow the end of the summer slipped away from me. My projects were put on hold to find time for cheer and soccer practice, weekend sporting events, training for a half marathon and family vacations.

All great ways to spend valuable time, but it still makes me a bit sad to see all of my finds sitting idle waiting for makeovers. 

There is a light at the end of the tunnel though. Cheer ends this weekend along with soccer and I am not on deck for winter sports as my husband is the household hockey dad.

Which works out perfectly because I have a new project I'm getting ready to start!

We are renovating an 1896 farm house!

I loved it as soon as I walked in. It's old, but not crumbling, solid and sturdy, with hardwood floors, lots of natural light, situated on a small but sweet lot with winding brick paths and great tree in the back yard, perfect for hanging a chandelier for a party or a rope swing for the kids.

I've been starting to put some thought around what I want the interior to feel like. There are so many beautiful colors and ideas to consider so I'm looking for inspiration and asking the question, "how do I want my family to feel in this space?" "how do I want my guests to feel?" Our lifestyle is one where friends drop in unannounced and are always welcome. My father who lives with us says we live in a hotel, but we like it that way. 

I want to create a warm, neutral home where we can relax in a sea of creams and grays and whites, but still have some fun and lively pieces that catch you eye and make you smile. My favorite colors are tangerine, marigold, aqua and grass green- in any combination- but it's white that I really love yet am somehow afraid of.

Apple green inside the cabinets, painted wood floor, beautifully offset by glowing white everywhere. I love this!

Loving the warm eggnog cabinets and crisp white tile. I have this at home already though, may need to divest.

Black and white never goes out of style.

I promised my daughter she would have a tangerine accent piece in her room (she's got the bug!)

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