Future Projects

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My list of things that I love that I intend to knock off. 
(I hope this isn't bad manners?)

All those old dressers I find... why aren't I using the drawers like this?

Source: bhg.com via Danielle on Pinterest

Love this sign. The words and the scripting. This would make a fabulous wedding gift for a friend.

I have no home for another chandelier, but I must have someone I can gift this to?

This is genius for storing the kid's books in their tiny cottage bedroom

A jute wrapped two tiered chandelier. 

This jute wrapped chandelier from www.shadesoflight.com is AWESOME. 
It's also $999. Not happening. 
But I'm thinking that I can find something similar and make it myself.

2. Sturdy wood coffee/sofa/end table (any will do)

This Union Jack coffee table painted with Annie Sloan chaulk paint caught my eye.  
I am acutely aware that I've got absolutely Zero use for another table, but I love it too much. 
Perhaps an end table.. or a sofa table... I've moved from hoarding linens and lighting to collecting tables.. this is not good

*I predict a country fair booth in my future. (Or a television debut on an episode of "Hoarders").

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  1. You and me both will be on hoarders, lol -
    Love your blog and am your newest follower -
    would love to have you come by for a visit
    and follow back


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