Monday, October 22, 2012

Farmhouse Renovation

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So much potential!!
 Somehow the end of the summer slipped away from me. My projects were put on hold to find time for cheer and soccer practice, weekend sporting events, training for a half marathon and family vacations.

All great ways to spend valuable time, but it still makes me a bit sad to see all of my finds sitting idle waiting for makeovers. 

There is a light at the end of the tunnel though. Cheer ends this weekend along with soccer and I am not on deck for winter sports as my husband is the household hockey dad.

Which works out perfectly because I have a new project I'm getting ready to start!

We are renovating an 1896 farm house!

I loved it as soon as I walked in. It's old, but not crumbling, solid and sturdy, with hardwood floors, lots of natural light, situated on a small but sweet lot with winding brick paths and great tree in the back yard, perfect for hanging a chandelier for a party or a rope swing for the kids.

I've been starting to put some thought around what I want the interior to feel like. There are so many beautiful colors and ideas to consider so I'm looking for inspiration and asking the question, "how do I want my family to feel in this space?" "how do I want my guests to feel?" Our lifestyle is one where friends drop in unannounced and are always welcome. My father who lives with us says we live in a hotel, but we like it that way. 

I want to create a warm, neutral home where we can relax in a sea of creams and grays and whites, but still have some fun and lively pieces that catch you eye and make you smile. My favorite colors are tangerine, marigold, aqua and grass green- in any combination- but it's white that I really love yet am somehow afraid of.

Apple green inside the cabinets, painted wood floor, beautifully offset by glowing white everywhere. I love this!

Loving the warm eggnog cabinets and crisp white tile. I have this at home already though, may need to divest.

Black and white never goes out of style.

I promised my daughter she would have a tangerine accent piece in her room (she's got the bug!)

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