Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Before and Afters...

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This is the time of year when the yard-sale signs go up and I get antsy for some new projects. Last year at this time we had just bought a new house so I was full of ideas and couldn't wait to start planning and hunting for treasures to remake. Tonight I dug out some of the before and after photos so when I drive by the house tomorrow and see all that still needs to be done, I can remind myself how far we've come. 

The second bedroom in the "Periwinkle Palace" is TINY, a stretch at 10'x9.'
I needed to be able to sleep two people, accommodate a dresser with a small television, storage for about a week's worth of clothing, lighting and room for a few personal items.

I decided to paint the room Martha Stewart's "Kettle Pond"- a color I LOVE that has become a staple in my own home. (having a spare gallon in my basement didn't hurt). 
It's cool, but not cold, clean and fresh and makes the room look crisp.

Aqua is one of my favorite neutrals. It goes beautifully with with warm colors like red, tangerine and sunny yellow, but works equally as well with naturals- whites, tans, browns and creams for a beachy vibe without being too literal.


White bunks, blue and white polka dot sheets, a recycled lime green night stand with a fishing net lamp and some room darkening striped curtains were all it needed to transform this sad, ugly little room into a fresh space perfect for a summer guest or a sleepover.

Here is a before of the master bedroom. It's a great size, but dated, dreary and dirty. 

However... there is nothing that a case of caulking and a few coats of Cottage White and some Shaker Beige can't cure!
I recycled a gently used bedroom set from a friend's garage, lengthened the miniature windows with some Ikea linen drapes hung floor to ceiling and added pendant lights to either side of the bed to free up space on the night stands. Photos of those coming up soon...


In order to save on plumbing costs I decided to keep the laundry in it's existing location on the enclosed porch and simply upgrade the old wiring to support the new HE machines. 

I really liked the exterior windows and siding in this area and opted to leave both, but cleaned up all of the surfaces with a fresh coat of high gloss bright white paint to light to a small space. 

The vintage pink indoor /outdoor carpeting while lovely, just didn't make the cut..

At some point I may have to break down and add some shelving or cabinets for practical purposes, but for now I am happy to find a good home for my old school $2 yard sale blackboard. I'm thinking marigold might be a good color choice for the wooden frame.

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  1. Wow Dani- awesome job!!

  2. Dani, you need to start your own GOOP blog with a New England/Newport/seaside twist. That'll keep you on your toes. I bet you would get thousands of followers in the first summer. It's your destiny and calling. --Megan


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