Monday, October 1, 2012

Backed into a corner - Bathroom Blues

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I WISH I had a photo of this bathroom from when we bought the house. I wouldn't go into the room without the aid of a full sanitation suit. The tub was resting on notched out floor joists and the toilet was dirty enough to make the interstate Exxon station look like the loo at the Trump Towers. I still down know how the previous owner didn't end up bathing on the kitchen floor a flight below. Thank God he was skinny!

But our second floor bathroom for all intents and purposes, works. It isn't large, but it's big enough. I've done my best, but now I need some help.

I'm looking for input. I've been looking at this room for so long now trying to figure out how to warm this room up, that my eye has gone blurry.

My biggest dilemma is the claw foot tub. I always wanted one so when a friend offered to sell me this one for $50 I jumped at it. What a bargain! Until I discovered how much a good handheld faucet cost. (ka-ching) And the fittings for the curtain hoop (ka-ching). And three shower curtains (ka-ching). I initially made a small investment, but I didn't spend the big bucks required to get the "GOOD" set up and after about a year I took it all down. 
Claw foot tubs are great for baths, but they are the pits to shower in. The curtain sticking to your backside... worrying about water everywhere. Not my cup of tea...

The antique blown glass chandelier has some sentimental value for me. It is the first light I ever bought. I found it at St. Columba's annual flea marked the first summer we moved to RI back in 2001. It was broken to bits in a box under a table and I purchased it for $15. I had the arms replaced and repaired, rewired and cleaned it and hung it in my soon to be baby girl's nursery. When we moved, I took it with me as I couldn't part with it. I don't love it simply because it's a bear to clean, but it's family.

I decided to mix it up last year and added wainscoting and some Thibeault wall paper both of which I'm happy with. I painted the ceiling Ben Moore's Heirloom Blue (I love blue ceilings). 

My sister donated a spare roman shade she had no use for to add another bit of blue to the room. (I do need a new rod, this one I just noticed is bent and not very sturdy)
 I picked up these dolphin-fish hooks at Brimfield and while they are a cool shape, the natural metal is putting rust on my towels. 
Time for a fresh coat of paint! Or some clear poly might do the trick..
 With no storage, I use baskets for towels and cleaning supplies.
 Here's where the wheels fall off. I started painting the tub with Annie Sloan's chalk paint, but I got one coat on and I HATED it. Too much aqua. So here's where I need some help.

I can't replace the tub quite yet. I plan to add a small walk-in tile shower with a bench for my elderly father, but I'm not yet ready to pay for a construction project. So I need something to tide me over. I can't leave it half done.

Do I encase the tub in weathered wood? (how would I bend it and attach it?) Do I paint a mural on it? Do I add some Simple Mat and tile it in penny tile? Maybe tile it with seashells? At this point it's purely decorative so the sky's the limit. Suggestions please???

I'd love to hear what you think!

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  1. For a quick redo I woud paint the tub exterior black. Love your ideas.

  2. Brown always looks nice on bathroom fixtures...


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