Saturday, December 1, 2012

Decorating with your husband

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Actual conversation that just took place...

Me, "How precarious do you think it is to hang this curtain rod on that window over the stairwell?

Him, "I wouldn't do it with your injured leg." (side note- I fell down the stairs last week and am recovering)

Me, "Fine, then you will do it. Just put one foot in that open window, the other on the newel post and wedge in. You'll be fine." (and I wonder how I fell down the stairs?)

Him, "Ok."

Me, "You know what? Let's hold up the drapes on the rod first and see if full length panels are going to look ridiculous here before we go through all the effort of breaking a leg."

He holds drapes up against window while standing on a chest of drawers.

Me, "I'm glad we checked. That looks terrible. I'll return this set of panels and just patch the old holes, touch up the paint and call it a day."

I exit the hallway to put the drapes back in their packaging. Upon returning to the stairwell I find my husband standing in the window midway up a second story wall.

Me, "what the heck are you doing?"

Him, "I'm hanging the curtain rod."

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