Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday's Score

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Today was the best day of the season so far for yard-saling! 
Perfect weather and sales around town in all of my favorite neighborhoods. 
Here are a few of today's favorite finds ...
The Lilac Pitcher. 
I'm not one for collections, but I do love to buy unique and brightly colored pitchers to use as vases for cut flowers. 
For next to nothing, I now have several great colors that I can pick from to give away when I want to share my hydrangeas with my neighbors.

The "Mini" Dresser. 
I'm not sure where this one is going to end up, but it was too cute to pass up! 
I can think of a dozen uses for it.

Are these antique Moroccan pendant lights? 

I don't know where they came from but I can come up with a few places where I think they should go.  Rewired with a fresh coat of gold paint or bright colored paint, I think they would be fantastic as a trio of pendants over a kitchen island, or used as space saving pendants hung over a pair of bedside tables like these...

I have a bit of an affection for lamps. 
I like love lighting in general and if I were to ever become a hoarder, this would be where I'd start.
Any type of light with a great shape I am compelled to pick up.
They can be painted, rewired and used to update the look of a room super quick and easy.

Here is  an "After" photo of one of a pair of lamps that I picked up a few weeks back. 
A friend was looking for some yellow lamps to add a punch of color to her black and white bedroom. Some yellow paint and new white drum shades with black trim and we think they are perfect!

I loved the shape of this table and the detail on the legs. 
(I was so excited about the little dresser and the lights however, that I paid for it and forgot to take it home. When I went back to pick it up I ended up buying the yellow ceramic pillars too.)

This is going to look great painted and in a new home set between a pair of upholstered chairs.

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  1. WOW!!! What WONDERFUL treasures! Id be excited too,lol Love the yellow pillars:)


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