Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Making of a Pirate Bed

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When a friend told me she was moving and that her two boys were going to be getting their own bedrooms, I jumped at the chance to help decorate their new rooms.

Not because I'm such a fabulous friend, but selfishly because I thought it would be fun to try out some new ideas incorporating this summer's yard sale finds...and MY kids won't let me change their rooms again - crazy, right?

After talking with the boys and their mom, we settled on a pirate theme for the five-year-old.
I had been thinking about using 4x4 fence posts as pier pilings for a simple platform bed. We wanted something tall enough to store toys underneath (or even a trundle), but rough-hewn, as if it was made out of materials washed up on shore.

Out of the blue, another friend called me to tell me she had discovered a piece of driftwood on the beach that I might want for a project. If someone is willing to pick for me, I'm all for checking it out.

Still, I wasn't expecting to see her haul a piece of timber the length and diameter of a telephone pole over the top of that dune. She had found the legs for my pirate bed!


We decided to use a sheet of MDF cut to the size of a twin bed together with 2x6" frame, set on legs made of driftwood. Easy, right?

First, my trusty sidekick Uncle Scotty and I fit the pieces together, then had a lengthy debate over whether the mattress should go inside the box or on top. We went with on top.

Next, I added a quick wash of Annie Sloan's Paris Gray to the 2x6s.
Then we braced the corners with steel hangers - this kid is ACTIVE, so we need A LOT of support!

Next, the top went on and got screwed down, then the "box" was secured to the "legs."
We wrapped the legs in some rope I had to make the legs look like actual dock piers.
A little more paint...
Now, I'm pretty sure this bed can support one jumping pirate! It's the ceiling below I'm a bit concerned about.
Stay tuned for the finished room! Just a few more bits to go...

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