Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lackluster Lighting gets a Facelift

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Wall Sconce Before
My MIL had purchased a black, contemporary, iron chandelier and matching sconces at HD a few years back. Her decision was based on price vs. style and she's hated them ever since. The heavy dark metal was far from the french country "cottage" look she was trying to achieve. We've talked of replacing them, but trying to watch the budget, buying new lighting is low on the list.

Last weekend, after seeing the antique silvered chandelier I picked up for her hung in place, I offered to see if I could remake her other lights to match. It was worth a shot and they were getting replaced anyway, so what harm could I do?

Chandelier before (minus the HEAVY glass shades)

Using silver "Rub N' Buff," a tooth brush and a little water I was able to create an antique silver finish to mimic the finish of the other chandelier. New shades are on order to replace these super heavy orange glass shades (Restoration is having a great sale right now) and I think the finished look resembles the antique silver/pewter finish she desired so closely that she just may keep them!

(Tip- one mini tube of Rub N' Buff did ALL three lights with a half a tube to spare! It does spatter using the toothbrush so we used Goof Off to get rid of the silver over spray from brushing)

Here's the chandelier in silver, but still wearing it's glass shades and heavy metal "candles." I replaced the metal candles/arms with traditional candle sleeves cut to size and we ordered new linen shades.

*I am TERRIFIED of heights so you know for me to climb this ladder this light needed some love! Here I am "silvering" the collar and chain. I never looked down, but thought they might have had a better grip on the ladder than this!
 It looks much higher in real life, I swear.

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  1. Dani,

    Thanks so much for using AMACO's Rub 'n Buff. Your light fixtures look great! This makes me want to try this at home.

    I'd like to post this on our Facebook page (Rub 'n Buff Metallic Finishes) and link to your website.

    Thanks again!


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