Monday, August 20, 2012

Thrifting in Maine!

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 Remember this great cast iron chandelier I found earlier this spring? I purchased it from a neighbor at a local yard sale with a special place in mind for it- my mother in laws' mountain top home in Maine.

I gave my MIL the chandelier over the 4th of July, hoping that she would be able to use it in her "French country meets Maine" dining room.  I was happy to see that she liked it enough to hang it in such a prominent spot!

Maine has some great antique shops and one of my favorites that I visit each year is "Flowerbed Farms" in Bridgton. I stopped in for a quick visit and spotted this table that I thought would be a perfect companion to the chandelier.

I think the curves of the light and the shape table work well in this location and are an ideal compliment to the linear staircase and the angles of the wainscoting.
What do you think?
 We're still chair-less for the moment, but she's got until Christmas to find just the right pieces!

Check out some more photos from our trip to the "Farm!"

I did find a few things for myself on this trip. I LOVED this old aqua table. It has some great spots where the old orange paint is showing through. I have no idea where it's going, but I'll find a spot for it!

 This Medicine chest was a great find, but for the Maine house, she's looking to create a more sophisticated, less farmhouse aesthetic, by combining some of her more formal pieces from home so we had to leave it behind.
 I know that someone has to be looking for this chandelier. It was just so sweet.
 I loved this sign. I'm not one for doing things halfway either, so after declining the proprietor's kind offer to wait for her husband to come home and help out, we hoisted the table up on my van ourselves, strapped it on and headed back up the mountain.

No trip to Maine would ever be complete without some shopping, hauling and painting!

The Farm part of "FlowerBed Farms!"

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