Sunday, August 5, 2012

Not So Pretty in Pink

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So here she is. I've been hesitant to show a "before" on our cottage en suite bath, because, well, there is still no finished "after." Only a phase I.

A fair amount of work has gone into this room, but the work that's been done was more behind the scenes (or walls) rather than cosmetic.

When we bought the cottage we replaced the plumbing, updated the wiring, added a new pedestal sink, replaced the light (it's not any prettier than this one, but all I could find to fit the space, so be kind!), replaced the mirrored doors on the world's largest medicine cabinet... and scrubbed. And scrubbed..

The pink tile is intact and is in good shape so opening up THAT can of worms has just been too daunting. Til now.


Here's what the pink bathroom looks like today.
It's clean, it's functional, but it's pink...
This week my task is to regrout the bathroom. Sounds like a blast doesn't it? Walls and floors. (I'm hoping it gets just a little hotter and more humid to make it a REAL party)

On Thursday I have "Amazing Reglazing" from Coventry RI arriving to reglaze all of my pink tile. Good bye fifties Pepto, welcome clean white tile! I can't wait! The floor will be reglazed in Benjamin Moore's SanAntonio Gray and the walls will be Kohler white.

I even found a modern bar light at IKEA to replace this "back stage" beauty.

I'll be taking a trip to next to find a great coordinating fabric (to go with my upholstered headboard) to make a new shower curtain and roman shade.

So while you are melting on the beach this weekend, think of me, trowel in hand, regrouting all of these lovely lines in search of perfect adhesion and a sparkling white bath!

I can't wait to share the official "After" photos next week!!
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  1. looking foward to the after photos. One of our bathroom is the same colo pink including the tub, sink and comode. (not much o do there except replace!)


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