Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Did you just size me up?

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 When you first walk into a room you have two options. 
 One - You can choose to see what presents in front of you. 
(In this case that would have been yards of stained wall to wall, some cracked and chipped paper walls- artfully bleached by the sun to outline the locations where photos of the Virgin Mary once hung). 

Or Two - Walk in and look around at a room as if you are sizing it up for a relationship. Given the option to remove the ill fitting clothing, give it a modern haircut and straighten out the smile, would it be datable?    

When I was getting married, my grandmother asked me why I chose this particular man to be my husband. I told her I didn't choose him, but came to him by process of elimination. What I meant was that I had been trying to "reconstruct" other models to suit me, but it never worked because they just weren't the right fit.

 When I met this one I knew I had found the right foundation to build on.


When it comes to decorating I apply the same principles I applied to dating.
How much do you need to invest up front? How hard are you willing to work? Does the reward outweigh the effort?
You can fix a bad hair cut, and brighten up some neglected teeth but think hard before investing in a cracked foundation. True, it may be a fit for someone, but be make sure it fits YOU.

When I walked in the front door into this cozy little cottage I didn't see the stains and the cracks and crumbles.. I saw this...

 Floor to ceiling bead board and freshly sanded birch floors...

A small but tidy little bathroom where everything including the door, 
tucks away neatly into the walls..

 It didn't take much to make this cottage datable. 
Just some vision and the willingness to see past some stubble and a hockey jersey...

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  1. It's absolutely gorgeous =) I love reading about your redo philosophies throughout the cottage =)

  2. Thank you Teresa! Richard complains that I don't include him!


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