Sunday, April 29, 2012

Failure to Favorite

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The guest room in my house has been "redone" more times than any other room in my house. It has housed numerous guests, served as my husband's office, slept my infant son, housed two foster daughters, and was most recently turned into a sitting/television/game room when I just couldn't take one more minute of GameCube hockey.  
Spring has arrived in Newport and we have lots of overnight company so as of last week the "round room" as we call it, is back to- and will forever remain- 
The Guest Room. 

The biggest challenge in choosing a purpose for this room has been that it is round. 
The room is actually a turret with only the inside wall being flat. It's good sized, 16' in diameter, but without flat walls, where do you put your furniture?  
Secondly, if you stand in the center of the room and speak, your voice will swirl around your head in the most awkward and uncomfortable echo (the office concept was short lived).

For well over a year now I've had my eye on a stack of smooth walnut planks in the local builder's surplus store. I love the warm grayish brown color, the grain of the wood and the knots that flaw them. 
After seeing several plank and pallet headboards on Pinterest, I finally decided to make one for myself. Worst case, if I hated it, I would turn it into a coffee table. 

First I took down the matchstick shades. 
To make the wood a real focal point I wanted to create a clean, white backdrop behind it.

I adore the "LOVE" monogrammed headboard we've seen all over Pinterest, but I wanted a word that was all my own word so I came up with this. 

The basket that held the kid's video games now holds spare blankets for guests

I found this antique tin ceiling light at the Brimfield
Show a few years back, but had nowhere to show it off. 

I had to have this hemp tie-back when I saw it at an interior designer's yard-sale last summer and I think it looks great in its new home

Goodbye sitting room!
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  1. Your guest room is beautiful and so tastefully decorated.
    I love the headboard that you made, it's genius!!
    Perfect for the room.
    Hugs, Cindy


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