Sunday, April 8, 2012

A little more Sunshine

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Even though Spring officially arrived a few weeks ago,
I never really feel like winter has been wrapped up until Easter comes. 

It's an old fashioned habit, but each spring I like to put away the winter linens and move things around in an effort to introduce a little more sunshine to the interior of my home.

If you ask me what my favorite color is, I will answer with blue or orange, but if you look around my home it appears that yellow is starting to make its way into the lead.

I'm guessing that the blooming forsythias are a trigger for my brain to subconsciously crave more sunshine.

Below is a photo of the new citrus print upholstered headboard I recently made for my father's room.
We're still walking with baby steps, but I'm hoping that by my father's 78th birthday he will relent and let me paint or even replace his dark old furniture (it's still good, I know, I know...)
His bedding is on my short list to be switched out to summer whites next week.
*(please kindly avert your eyes from the messy blue bed skirt)

The Master Bedroom...

I've been working on updating our attic bedroom. My own room is always the last to get my attention but since it doubles as a home office, I needed to make it a space I enjoyed spending time in.
The pysical space is good sized for a former attic, but it still posed a vertical challenge with low knee walls, sloped ceilings and limited natural light.
The original paint finish I had chosen thinking it would be easy to clean, had too high a sheen and was not only serving to highlight every flaw in the plaster, but made the room appear cold.
I had plenty of unwanted shine, but zero contrast or layers for texture.

To fix this, I gave the walls and ceilings a fresh coat of Manor Hall's low sheen, "Oyster Shell" and added some silver grass cloth wallpaper to the two window walls. 
The wallpaper is an exact color match with the paint and adds texture to a space that doesn't lend itself to a lot of detail. 
I love that the silver threads in the paper reflect the daylight giving the room a warm glow.

The geometric prints on the curtain fabric and lampshades, combined with the textures of the throw pillows and bedding fabrics now work together to add much needed interest.

 I couldn't find a head board that was the right height to fit the low side wall and ordering an upholstered one online was cost prohibitive so I chose to make my own. The headboards that I liked  ranged anywhere from $499-$1000 and for someone like me who loves change, I've learned from experience that it would not be a good investment.
Instead, for $115, using my jigsaw, a 4x8 sheet of mdf, a couple of yards of silver velvet fabric, a roll of nickel nail head trim, some quilt batting and two D rings, I now have a custom headboard hanging just like a framed picture on the wall behind the bed. 

It was a super quick, inexpensive project that is working out great and if I get the urge to change the fabric, I can update it without feeling like I wasted a lot of time and money.

I'm currently on the hunt for an old coffee table with some great legs that I can cut in half to make two nightstands. I haven't found what I'm imagining yet, but with yard sale season kicking off now and the upcoming Brimfield Antiques Fair, I'm pretty confident I'll have what I'm looking for soon!

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