Monday, April 2, 2012

Shabby Kitchen Simplified

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There are times when  a fresh coat of paint is all you need for a quick update and then there are times when lipstick on a pig just makes a pouty pink pig.

I debated salvaging these ratty old cabinets, (or should say my husband would have preferred me to) but over the past few years, experience has taught me that doing things twice doesn't create savings.
To offset the expense of new cabinets, I agreed to sacrifice the wallpaper I had my eye on (for now) and scrubbed up and reused the existing stove. 
You'll notice the stove moved over about six inches which  eliminated the problem of the baseboard heater obstructing the drawer. While the broken drawer did look sharp, it just simply wasn't practical...

The layout in our cottage kitchen is limited by but we made the best of it. Moving the refrigerator across the room afforded us additional counter space and a bit of extra storage. 

A new easy to clean window brings in more natural light and I opted to leave it bare for the moment so I could enjoy the new moldings. 
We installed some easy to clean, basic cabinets from Lowes along with Ikea shelving and recessed lights. (I can put a flat palm on this 7' ceiling while wearing flip flops so lighting options were limited... A huge disappointment for someone who would hoard fixtures if she had the storage space)  
The white cabinets, light colored counter and glossy white trim work together to turn a dim little room into a cozy cottage kitchen that while simple, has everything you need. 
I'm still on the fence over installing a back splash and have plans to sew a roman shade with a great geometric print, but those projects will have to wait until this summer!

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  1. I love the before and after of the cottage. The transformation is really amazing! BettyB

  2. What a great transformation! I love the style of the much brighter!

  3. what color are the cabinets? White or off-white? I have pickled oak cabinets currently (almost pink yuck) - and white appliances. I really want to paint the cabinets but afraid of what to do with white appliances, which my husband won't let me replace because there isn't anything "wrong" with them. He doesn't consider color being wrong. LOL :)


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