Friday, June 8, 2012

Cottage Kitchen Update - Phase 2

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Last spring we had our hands full taking this sad little cottage from lackluster to liveable.

I am very happy with the result so far but, after being out of the space for the winter months, opening the house back up this week, I keep walking around thinking "what is missing?"

The space is clean and fresh, but it still has yet to develop it's own personality.

This cottage for us is a summer retreat, a place where friends and family go to vacation and relax. It's a small space which, for me, means a break from the constant shoveling of the tide that is our daily living. This space is an opportunity for me to depart from the traditional decor I have at home and really do something fun.

I have been searching since last summer for a colorful geometric print wallpaper for the kitchen, 
but just haven't been able to commit to one. 
(I had no problem making the split second decision to buy the house, 
yet I struggle committing to a wallcovering?)

Here's what I finally decided on.  
It is a "York" Sand Dollar print in coral and yellow. 
The summery citrus color palette and simple shape reminds me of the Maine Cottage fabrics that I love so much and I think it will look really cute with the 2x4 subway tile that I'm going to install on the window wall this weekend!

Once I get the paper and tile installed, my next step will be to replace the little round table and chairs we are currently using with a built in wall bench and a rectangular table. 

Removing two of the chairs and replacing them with a corner bench should give me room for one more seat. 

I'm thinking either a bench with drop in storage like this one
 or a simple wall mounted bench with corner legs and room to put our legs
(I can find another spot for paper towels, but tall people struggle with leg room)
Depending on what I end up with for a table, natural wood or painted,
I may repaint a couple of my chairs lemon and lime for fun

Just to keep things in perspective, let's remember where we started!

And where we are today

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