Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Subway Art and the Impatient Artist

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I have a very addictive personality.
When I do something that I like, I immediately want to do it again. Thankfully my mother instilled a good moral compass in me and I learned from a young age to channel my abundance of energy for good. (ok, save for a few of my high school and college years)

I had so much fun making the wall hung birth announcement the other day that I decided to try making another piece of subway art for a friend's upcoming ten year wedding anniversary.

Here is a photo of my first try.
I say my first try because there will be a second and final draft coming soon. I'm not entirely displeased with my result, however it's not what I was going for. I wanted a worn look, just aged a bit, but not beat to heck which is what I got.

Let me share what my impatience has taught me today. 
*Note- people who move quickly are prone to "learning lessons"

1. If you are going to paint on the hottest day of the year, be prepared to wait at least 24 hours between coats.

2. If you use spray paint, be sure to use the same brand for every coat. 
Mixing brands can often result in a crackled effect as some paints don't combine well. ie don't prime with Kilz (oil) and then spray Krylon (latex) on top. You will get alligator skin. 
In my case, I used Rustoleum over Krylon which immediately crackled. 
(Good tip if you are going for this look!)

3. Better yet, skip the spray paint. Use good old fashioned house paint. It's made for the long haul and while it takes longer to dry, gives you a nice level finish as it settles as it dries.

3. Let the paint cure between coats. Dry to the touch is not cured.

4. When making sentimental art for your friends, be prepared to well up a bit. I am publicly admitting that I came very close to shedding a tear (ok I shed a couple) while listening to the words to "Girl from Ipanema" and thinking of two of my very best friends falling in love.

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