Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saturday Success

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I went out Saturday morning without much of a game plan other than to find some great items to reuse.
I had nothing specific in mind, but was hopeful that since last Saturday was a rain day, there would be lots of great yard sales. My sister is in town, so like any good hostess, I want to impress my guest, and I was hoping for the best.

Here are a few of this week's finds.
I couldn't help myself - We already started painting the cedar chest! I'm looking forward to finishing it up soon for an "After" photo.

I love well crafted gallery frames. This 5"x7" will make a great home for a little oil painting.

Vintage Bird Prints
(too cute and the print quality was too good to pass up)

This ugly lamp. For .50 cents how could I not? a coat of paint, a great shade... 

This dolly screams coffee table to me, but after using it to haul some furniture around yesterday, it was so helpful that it appears it's going to earn its keep around the garage for a bit first

A friend asked me to find her a toy box for her son. This will be the "before" photo

My sister's cedar chest wearing it's first coat of yellow paint. 
She's not impressed yet so I'll have to hurry up and finish this so she can take it home today.

This Steamer trunk was shipped from Quebec to Newport, RI in the 40's. 
The paper inside is a copy of the Providence Journal from September 1957. 
I'm curious to read the articles I saw about why woman live longer than men and our local school budget issues!

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