Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Funday

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With our first summer guests arriving today, my project for this week has been to get the little house in order.

While digging for some light bulbs in the garage, I spotted this door that I had found hidden up in the rafters last summer when we bought the house. I have been thinking about what to do with it ever since.

I love the glass knob, the key, the cracked paint and have been saving it for a special project.
(I continue to rescue this door from the dumpster, so I'm starting to think that maybe it's beauty isn't as apparent to my husband?)

I am currently debating turning the door into a headboard. I could trim it down and hang it vertically for a twin bed and mount those two small onion lanterns I picked up last year for reading lamps...

Source: via Erin on Pinterest

Or... I could hang it horizontally- definitely more room for adding the lighting, but this would turn the bed into a daybed. Decisions... (this palette bed on wheels would make an awesome trundle bed too!)

My little girl asked me today what I liked best about this cottage. 
Her number one was," I like that this house is so small no one needs to yell." 
(great insight from an eight year old)

My favorite thing about the cottage is that it gives me a place to put to use all of the yard sale finds I like to bring home and a place to hang up my recycled crafts. 
Here are some of my favorite finds put to use.

I love the green and aqua Fiestaware and vintage Anchor Hocking glasses I found at Brimfield

Watercolors made for me by my daughter hung in reclaimed wood frames

I finally found a place to hang all these pickets and palettes I like to paint

I get to scour flea markets for inexpensive lights to customize 
(I still need some good lampshade trimmings)

 Last weeks' .50 cent lamp with a fresh coat of paint and a new shade

The Ten Dollar Table
 I bought this table just for the glass and it was stored in the garage until yesterday. 
I was looking for a larger table than the tiny one I had, 
yet everything looked too big for the cramped corner. 
What would give me more elbow room with out looking bulky? 
80's rattan table, welcome to your new home!

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  1. Love the chippy door! That is on my list of "things I would like to find cheap at a yard sale!" I am sure that you will find the perfect spot for it!

  2. Love what you did with the old door. I just love old doors and windows. Great find. Saw you on Sothern Hospiality.


  3. LOVE that door! I found you on i should be mopping the floor and am now a subscriber! Would love for you to visit my new blog and say hello :)

    1. Thank you Susan! I'm looking forward to checking it out!

  4. I was drawn in by that door and am loving everything I see here. I'll have to do some more looking around. Found you at the Blog Hop social and am now following one of your pinterest boards. I don't have linky followers so I can't follow that way right now. I hope you'll stop by and visit and follow me at Quirky Vistas!

    1. Thanks Liz! I'm looking forward to checking out your projects as well!

  5. I love the door. It has endless possibilities...Connie

  6. I've seen old doors re-purposed as dining tables with a glass overlay...and have a door in the basement that I've been wanting to try this with!

    1. I've seen the same and they are fabulous! Check out Gambrell's for a piece of tempered glass and we'll get you some legs!

  7. so jealous--love the door!--Rachel @

  8. We've got three of those doors-one in the dining room just leaning on the wall, one in the garden that I just painted deep blue and use as a backdrop for a sculpture we have, and one still in the garage, waiting to be upcycled :) Love the glass knob on yours!

  9. I just spotted one on the side of the road on my wsy home tonight. I may pick it up for a dining table if no one beats me to it!


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