Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bay Windows and Odd Spaces

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My living room mocked me for a number of years.It faces north and like my kitchen, doesn't get a lot of sunlight in the afternoon. The bay window posed another challenge. Curtains hung awkwardly and went up and then came back down, furniture had no clear place to land... I tried my usual painting and painting and then painting again as a quick fix, but color clearly wasn't the answer. 
This room has one interior wall, two interior doors, five windows, a  fireplace wall and a 9' long bay window, all of which added up to a challenge.

Last winter we bit the bullet and installed a pellet stove create a warmer (literally), more inviting living space.
Here in the north we use our heat from October to May (don't be jealous).

LOVE our Harmon pellet stove! A worthwhile investment for sure
Next, those windows.
My bay window is really three large windows. It's an older home so the moldings are nice and wide and finished with corner blocks. While the trim is lovely, back when they built this house by hand in 1890, the carpenter wasn't considering my window treatment wishes pushed the trim up right inside the corners of the wall. This created two issues. The finials (not talking decorative here, just basic end caps) bumped into each other in an odd manner leaving gaps between the drapes and the brackets couldn't be screwed into the studs for support.
While wall anchors are great, none were strong enough to hang curtains almost 9' high and put up with potential wear and tear from little kids.

After some online research, I came across The Bay Window Rod System.
The rod is hinged in the corners so you can hang it about the window to create a unified window treatment. Why did it take me three years and several failed attempts to find this you ask?
I'll blame living on an island.
While you can't beat beach living, shopping options are pretty limited.
Thank you Internet.
Phase one, rod hung but still dark and dreary- why did I think brown curtains were the right idea?

Then I came across great reclaimed wood and pipe DIY table on Pinterest and started dreaming about building my own sofa table.  One that was long enough to accommodate one large or even two lamps would be ideal...
A new home for my refurbished Brimfield lamp
Before I could get to the lumber yard, I stumbled across this great drop leaf maple table in perfect condition at a local consignment store.
Six feet long and 23" wide, it seemed a little intimidating, but after measuring it to determine it fit, I decided to give it a try.
I planned to paint it "Arles" yellow but after putting it in place, I loved the finish against the white linen saving me hours of work!
Now I have a great piece that I can pull out if I need to create additional table space for guests at holiday time.

Here are a few other great bay window dressing options for folks that don't have my doorway challenge...

Source: bhg.com via Danielle on Pinterest

Source: houzz.com via Danielle on Pinterest

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  1. Tall windows + fine-looking curtains = an impressive display! The living room looks much more majestic with those curtains on. And the brown color actually complements the white window and green couch. It’s a beautiful combination. :)

  2. On the contrary, I think your bay windows look fantastic, Dani!. Although the windows are placed in the hindsight of the sun, the space still looks radiant and bright. Bay windows have that effect. They let the light inside the house, and make the space look bigger and wider. In regards to the curtain and the rod, maybe you can place it a little lower, near the head of the windows. It will create a headroom between the windows and the ceiling.

  3. I do agree with Keven. I think you have such a lovely space, and the bay window is one of the major attractions inside the room. Apart from the fact that they allow natural light to get inside the space, bay windows are also versatile, being a popular enhancement in both old and modern spaces. The clean and simple design makes it ideal and perfect for any area of the house. With the right curtain and adornment, it can be lovelier and stunning.

  4. I do agree with everyone here that your bay window looks amazing! Despite the fact that the area is out of sight from the sun, it looks bright and lively. To make the place more interesting, I think using the right curtain can do the trick. Choose a drapery that has a color that contrasts beautifully with that of the wall.

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