Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Countdown to Brimfield: 9, 8....

Pin It Just over a week until I make my annual pilgrimage to the Brimfield Antique Show.
I was chatting with some neighbors on Saturday at their yard sale and we agreed - Brimfield is NOT for the faint of heart. This particular gent was reselling items he picked up at other yard sales, for the same price he paid, just for fun. Clearly we are kindred spirits.

For yard-salers, Brimfield is like the Superbowl. Brimfield is home to 5000 dealers and almost 100 acres of flea markets, located up and down the center of town, some well organized, some not. If you've got the stamina, you can find almost anything you desire.

Have I gone to the show now six or is it eight times? I think more. I find that it's helpful to have a list of items to look for on hand. I start mentally preparing for the event months in advance, reading decor magazines, catalogs, blogs, and looking around the house to see what I could use.

*I should say "We" because half the fun of flea marketing is sharing your finds with friends and this year I am looking forward to my friend Jennifer driving up with her mom from Raleigh to join us on what has become an annual trip for her too!

I believe that most everything in the home should have a purpose. Not everything, but if I can actually use the item vs. just sitting it on a shelf, the value for me goes up significantly.

On the sofa are two of last year's French linen sack cloths that I had made into couch pillows.
You won't find a sturdier pillow anywhere!

Here is a photo of my sitting area in my dining room. This coffee table is too bulky and dark for the space it's in so I'm hoping to find a replacement this year and reuse this table in another location. 

(that blue glass net float is one of three picked up last year as is the antique brass - shell wall sconce).

As I look at these photos, I'm thinking the walls would look so much better if they were painted the same putty color (drifting dune) as my living room, teacup is fun, but fades fast in the sun...
I'm open to suggestions here! 
This year my list this year includes:
coffee table - makings of
2-4 bedside tables (or something that I can make these out of)
*animal skin rug (debating if my dog might maul this or if I'm willing to spend the money)
fabric to make an outdoor shower curtain- an old sail?
Fiestaware - to replace this past year's casualties 
pharmacy glass cabinet to use as a jewelry case
jewelry display stands (if I find a cabinet)

I'd love to find an original version of this cabinet being sold at Restoration Hardware. I think it would be perfect for organizing my jewelry, but I'm looking for a bargain.

I've been thinking a lot about rope wrapped wire spools or antique wooden crates, or even something free floating to be used for end tables next to my bed.  Add ropes to that list if the spools pan out...

Oh sweet! You can add one Fiestaware pint glass as well since I just heard !SMASH! followed by the pitter patter of not so little feet. 

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  1. I will never forget going to Brimfield with you six years ago. Left at 5:30 and had croissant egg sandwiches. What a great day and I got ALOT of good stuff then. Fun memory for sure!

  2. That was the first ever trip wasn't it? I'm still stopping for sandwiches there! Let me know when you're ready to go back!


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