Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

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Every year my husband asks me what I want for Mother's Day and my answer for the past six years has remained unchanged. I want a hall pass to go to Brimfield. I want to buy what I want (within reason) and I want the rest of the weekend to work on projects revolving around my finds. This year I debated taking my camera to Brimfield but decided last minute that it would just be one more thing to carry and with carrying capacity being too valuable to waste, I left it at home. (Losing the lens cap was kind of an issue as well.)

Everyone gets fired up over different things and while I tend to be pretty excited in general, there are times, at places like Brimfield, that I think my heart may actually stop. There is so much to see, so many ideas to absorb, that it can be very overwhelming. The kid in the candy store has got nothing on me.

My favorite finds this year... 

1. The Lamp

This cream "gourd" lamp on an antique wood medallion base. 
I loved it. The color, the shape, the cracked and peeling base. 
A rewiring kit, some spray poly,  and a new shade. Now I love it AND I'm not afraid of it burning down my house!

2. The Cow... 
I've always wanted one, buy thought it might be a little over the top..

Nah.. I LOVE it.

 3. Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint

I've heard about the wonder of it but hesitated to try it because it is EXPENSIVE.
$36 a quart and you still have to buy the soft wax to seal and finish it. 
I walked away a few times, but finally returned to the booth and decided to give it a try.
$87 later, I have painted and sealed one end table, a pie safe- turned jewelry cabinet and a small stool. I'm sold! I have enough "Parisian Gray" paint left over to do both of my long dressers so I'm deeming this splurge a worthwhile investment.

Here I teamed up the chalk paint with some left over house paint and extra nail head trim. The end table I've detested for so long has a new fan in me!

4. Brass Belt Buckles
A little Brasso and and some brightly colored leather belts and I'm ready for summer in Newport!

5. Side Table
Ugly, but affordable and solid. For $10 I had nothing to lose!
 Add some Spackle..
 A few coats of Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint...
The rest of the nail heads to finish it off and tie it in with my new Union Jack end table and we now have a spot to put a drink beside the chaise lounge or even the bathtub!

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  1. you rocked the union jack!

  2. Could you pretty please do a tutorial on painting the Union Jack? I'm dying to do one on a dresser :) (I'll make sure to link to you if and when I post about it on my blog!) :)

  3. New follower!! Happy to be here :)


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