Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wine Glasses in the Bathroom?

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Our home was a construction site for the first four years we lived here. While the major construction is now completed, I'm still always working to determine how to maximize every inch and create more storage space. Large old houses may be full of character and charm, but the reality is, they weren't built to house today's modern family.
When we first moved into our home, we had incorporated a first floor in-law apartment. Once we mainstreamed my father into the guest room we no longer needed the spare kitchen so it was re-purposed into a laundry area.
But still, two baths on one floor wasn't really necessary either.
Just as I was beginning my plea for a pantry, my favorite painted sink cracked and needed to be replaced, giving me just enough leverage to convince my husband to let me deconstruct the bathroom and build in the much needed storage.

I had already added cabinets for storing glassware on the opposite wall, but wasn't very comfortable using the lav as a storage area. Our guests often wondered why I was always emerging from the toilet with things like chips and wine glasses?..
doesn't everyone store dry goods and glassware across from a toilet?

 A challenge for our carpenter was how to incorporate the radiator without losing the much needed heat. I think he did a great job working it in and I now have a place to warm our coffee mugs!
I am loving all the new storage and the coffee bar which frees up the limited kitchen counter space for food prep.
*No longer have a toilet in our eating space is a huge plus for a family with young kids still fine tuning their bathroom etiquette.

Stainless steel counters were made to match the kitchen island and provide a super affordable, 
and utilitarian service area.

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  1. Dani, ummm can I come live in your pantry? It is gorgeous and I love the built-in shelving.


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