Thursday, May 24, 2012

Maps, Monograms & Material

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Tonight while checking out the spring fabrics at the fabric store, I came across these great three-dimensional paper letters. I picked up the monogram for our adventure boy's "map room." I hate to cut up a good map, but the way the world's changing, I don't think it's going to matter, and isn't it adorable?

Once the glue is cured, I'll add some paint to the seams and sand the edges to give them a bit of an aged look before I spray them with a clear coat, but for now, phase 1:

Back to the fabrics.. I love the bright colors, stripes, geometrics and the casualness of this season's palette. Here are my top picks that I hope to use on a current home update project.

I love the turquoise combined with citrus and candy apple red. It's fresh and modern and perfect for a roman shade in a white kitchen with bold furniture accents.

These woven "linen look" stripes were really beautiful. I think this red stripe would look fantastic as an upholstered ottoman with a french cream distressed wood finish.

 Bubble gum and lime (or aqua and lime) for the little girl who is growing up
(40% off at JoAnn's, btw)

Some of my personal favorite calming colors- yellow and gray.
I am crazy about citrus in any form, from fabrics to piccatas to lemon drop martinis.

These vivid and geometric blues put a whole new spin on the retro mod floral print for under $20/yd

 Thinking of high traffic areas where seating takes a beating...
Marine vinyl on a retail rack!
Trendy? Without a doubt, but this material will still look perfect after your kids get through eating spaghetti.
How fun would your dining room chairs look in bubble gum pink?
Prep it up with some rich navy accents and a white table...wait a minute! I'm definitely doing this. 

Who's in need of a summer dining room makeover??

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